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June 2016- Omnicon Exhibits and Presents at the International Applied Reliability Symposium

The Omnicon Group attended the International Applied Reliability Symposium (ARS) 2016 in San Diego, California. ARS combines presentations and tutorials with real-world experiences and solutions. 

Omnicon’s engineering and management team gained valuable insights from the show and were able to network with industry professionals. ARS provides a receptive forum for experts to come together and discuss industry challenges and applications. 


In addition to exhibiting, Senior Reliability Engineer, Nathaniel Ozarin, presented his technical paper. His paper, entitled “Cross-Checking Results of FMEA and FTA,” was very well received. In the presentation he discussed the two common techniques, FMEA and FTA, and applying them to complex systems. He explained how the two techniques can be automated with simple software to ensure inconsistencies and errors do not occur. 

Overall, Omnicon was met with great success at the International Applied Reliability Symposium. We look forward to exhibiting next year and presenting more informative papers from our engineering experts.

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