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July 2016- Omnicon, Altium, and Mentor Graphics Providing You with the Best Hardware Product

The Omnicon Group is proud to announce core alliances with Altium and Mentor Graphics. Together, we focus on delivering advanced hardware solutions to our customers. Partnering with these companies and their design services is mutually beneficial as customers will receive expert designs constructed by expert toolsets. 

Omnicon provides customers with our PC board design services, while utilizing the toolsets designed by Altium and Mentor Graphics. Omnicon engineers are trained in the toolsets these companies offer and have perfected their use in order to be able to deliver a high quality product to customers. Expertise in these design and development tools further enhance the hardware capabilities of Omnicon engineers, allowing them to serve customers better. 


Omnicon is now recognized as a service bureau provider by Altium, an Australian owned company, who provides PC-based electronic design tools. Altium has over 25 years of experience providing efficient and powerful workflows for board-level electronics designers. They were one of the first PCB design tool providers in the industry and they continue to lead the market with high quality R&D and innovations. Altium tools dramatically increase design successes, while reducing overall design times. 

Omnicon is also now recognized as an official supplier by Mentor Graphics, headquartered in Oregon, who specialize in electronic design automation tools. Founded in 1981, Mentor Graphics tools enable companies to develop better electronic products at a faster and more cost-effective rate. Their innovative products and solutions help engineers overcome design challenges within board and chip design. The tools and methodologies of Mentor Graphics address challenges of next-generation designs. 

Omnicon partners with companies who have strong track records in engineering development and excellence as part of our mission to deliver the best possible product to our customers. Omnicon is committed to continuously enhancing the value of services provided, and we are excited to do so in conjunction with our new hardware development partners.

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