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January 2017 – Omnicon Featured in Progressive Railroading

In the December 2016 issue of Progressive Railroading, The Omnicon Group was featured in two articles. For over two decades, Omnicon has been a major contributor to the rail industry working with top rail manufacturers including Kawasaki, Alstom, and Bombardier, and train districts such as Metro-North Railroad, the Long Island Railroad, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and Bay Area Rapid Transit. Omnicon’s most recent work in the rail industry has been to provide our customers with reliable and safe solutions for rolling stock and signaling systems. Our accomplished engineers have used their industry knowledge to work on complex systems and have gained expert knowledge that is applied to our work in the rail districts. 


The first article published by Progressive Railroading, “The Omnicon Group Perspective: Testing and Monitoring Solutions to Increase PTC Performance” was written by Omnicon’s Vice President of Engineering and one of Omnicon’s Senior Reliability and Safety Engineers. The article highlights Omnicon’s work related to PTC (Positive Train Control) and rail safety explains how we work with our customers to reduce hazards and failures. 

The second article “Omnicon: PTC-related engineering support” was a feature on The Omnicon Group highlighting our work in safety critical industries. Omnicon’s award-winning engineers continuously work to improve reliability in our customers’ products and systems through various types of analyses mandated by leading train manufacturers and operators.

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