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February 2017 – Painting the Sky with Drones

Undoubtedly, many of you tuned in to watch the 51st annual Super Bowl earlier this month. This year’s halftime show featured a revolutionary performance by Lady Gaga which included the use of drones. In recent years, the popularity of drones has increased by unforeseen magnitudes. Today’s drones are not only for the military but are also used in agriculture by farmers to monitor crop growth, in land surveying, in film-making, for security, for delivering packages, and now in the entertainment arena. As drones become more integrated with everyday life, new regulations are being put into place. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is in the process of putting together regulations for non-recreational use of small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drones. The provisions are designed to minimize risks to other aircraft, people, and property on the ground. Delivery DroneFor over two decades, The Omnicon Group has interfaced on behalf of our customers with the FAA, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Transport Canada (TC), and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to help obtain the necessary certifications for safety of flight. Our engineers have worked on over 90% of the world’s commercial aircraft, making us a recognized leader in airworthiness certification services. We have leveraged this experience into the arena of unmanned systems across all industries. Omnicon not only supports leading drone manufacturers by performing software and hardware engineering and safety analyses, we also collaborate with various test flight centers to provide a single resource for reliable and safe UAS needs. This relationship with the test centers focuses on providing our customers with full-service capabilities from initial development through testing. With the growing use of drones, Omnicon engineers help you prepare the materials required by the FAA so we can all continue to safely watch these drones paint the sky. 

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