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April 2017 – Creating Winning Proposals with a Competitive Edge

In today’s highly competitive environment, submitting a compliant and well-written proposal requires a unique set of skills. In order to be considered a complete and winning proposal, responses must demonstrate a clear understanding and address customer requirements, highlight the key design features of the proposed solutions, and focus on customer benefits. A winning proposal must demonstrate key customer concerns or challenges that are not necessarily highlighted in the RFP or specifications. The customer may not even realize the challenges their requirements present. Proposals have to provide extra emphasis and discussion of these key concerns and clearly address the special challenges. 


The Omnicon Group provides our customers specialized knowledge during the proposal phase to make their offer fully compliant and distinctive in comparison to their competitors. Our subject-matter experts have supplemented and supported design teams in all phases of proposal development. A key element of proposed technology solutions is the total life cycle cost, which places significant emphasis on the product’s total cost from inception to completion. 

Omnicon can integrate into our customer’s proposal team by applying the same skills we have cultivated through writing our own proposals. Our proposals have elicited customer recognition for clarity, thoroughness, and attention to detail. We ensure that proposed solutions are clear, concise, coherent, and convincing. 

Omnicon can assist with your proposal development in the following areas: 

  • RFP Analysis and Compliance Matrix Preparation
  • Win Strategies and Themes
  • Content Development and Writing
  • Timely and Compliant Response
  • Independent Review
  • Reduced Proposal Costs
  • Responsive Specialty Engineering Assistance
  • Competitive Bid/Price-to-Win Assessment

The Omnicon Group is a recognized and respected industry leader in critical reliability, maintainability, testability, safety engineering and supporter of hardware and software designs. Our services include detailed design, analysis, integration, test, and validation and verification. Our proposal development capabilities are based on years of experience and best practices from a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, transportation, and consumer products.

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