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June 2017 – To Test or Not to Test. Is It Really a Question?

While testing safety-critical and reliability-critical requirements, it is important to make sure your test team is not part of the development staff, but did you know it’s also important to have an independent test team for your non-critical products as well?

An independent test team helps provide unbiased accuracy and thorough testing of each requirement that might be overlooked by someone involved during the development phase. Sometimes, simply knowing the desired outcome creates a bias towards testing, but outside test teams have an objective point of view that comes from having fresh perspectives. As a bonus, an independent team can focus solely on the test issues and will not be distracted by other duties that need to happen in the course of an employee’s day, or fear reprisal should their finding be different than a co-worker’s initial findings. Independent teams can also work in parallel with the development team, which can lead to finding a problem sooner in the process, rather than later, saving your organization budget and schedule.


When you partner with The Omnicon Group, you get over 30 years of superior engineering experience on your team. We have the knowledge and skills to streamline Verification and Validation of virtually every kind of product.

Omnicon maximizes the use of automated test equipment. We design test case procedures to be independent of other test cases, and to cover as many requirements as practical. We also write test procedures clearly and unambiguously, providing explanations wherever necessary to clarify the approach and goal of each set of procedures.

Of course, Omnicon’s services go beyond Verification and Validation. Our engineers are experienced in requirements analysis at the start of a project to assure that all requirements are consistent, complete, unambiguous and testable.

Omnicon works with your team every step of the way to ensure your product is completed with accuracy and confidence with the goals of cost efficiency and safety. Contact us to find out how we can assist with your project by emailing us at info@omnicongroup.com.

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