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August 2017 – Agile Scrum Management Assists in Software Development

Agile software development using the Scrum framework takes an iterative approach to software development with daily feedback intervals. These iterations allow for the team to collectively discuss and propose paths to implementation or to resolve issues. A series of fixed length iterations called Sprints give teams a structure for developing and testing software on a regular cadence. The Omnicon Group is proficient in this development methodology and able to provide teams for your Scrum software development.

Scrum has four distinct steps that bring structure to each Sprint:


Sprint Planning: Software developers and test engineers function as a cohesive team to discuss application requirements and complexity and during a meeting determine what to complete in the Sprint

Daily Scrum: A meeting conducted by the Scrum Manager to discuss progress and any issues preventing progress with the Scrum team

Sprint Demo: Performed at the end of the Sprint to show via video presentation what was accomplished during that Sprint

Sprint Retrospective: Allows for time to perform a Sprint Retrospective review of what did and did not go well with actions to make the next Sprint more productive. This is also done during the Sprint Demo.

Traditional software development styles, like Waterfall, builds in phases. This style of software development folds everything into a single, “big bang”, high-risk release. In this approach, the end customer can’t interact with the product until it’s fully complete, thus, important issues in the product’s design, and code, can go undiscovered until release.

At The Omnicon Group, our Scrum team of Software Development and Quality Assurance Engineers work closely as part of your Scrum Team or independently in an Agile environment to develop and test software that will surely satisfy the most demanding customer. View all our services and see how we can add our expertise to your next project.

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