A recognized leader in performing Functional Hazard Analysis

Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA) identifies every expected function of a system and considers the hazard that may result when each function fails in every possible way. FHA does not determine causes of the failures (other than high-level attributions such as hardware failure or human error) but rather focuses on the consequences and corresponding severities. The aim is to identify the most critical hazards as a starting point for further analysis using different processes to mitigate failure causes.

Performing Functional Hazard Analyses on critical products

Functional Hazard Analysis identifies hazards through rigorous evaluation of each system and subsystem function. It categorizes severity by evaluating the safety impact of each function that has failed in a particular way, operates at an unexpected time or operates incorrectly. FHA is applicable to all types of systems and can be completed on a single subsystem, a complete functional system or a system of systems. Once a Functional Hazard Analysis is completed, the FHA report will include:

  • Functional Hazards
  • Hazard causal factors (failures, design errors, human errors)
  • Identification of safety critical functions
  • Safety requirements to mitigate the hazards
  • Risk assessment

We are a proven leader in conducting Functional Hazard Analyses on critical products. Our experience can be applied to make virtually any product safer, more dependable and more successful.

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