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October 2016 – The Future of Fire Detection Technology is Here

Every homeowner would agree that fire safety monitoring is a top priority. Previously, these methods have consistently been limited to smoke alarms and heat detectors. However, technology is advancing all around us every day, and with it, the fire industry is also receiving some upgrades. Over the next few years, three cutting-edge technologies will potentially transform the fire safety industry. 

What’s red, cylindrical, and has stayed the same for over 200 years since its invention? Fire extinguishers! However, a Thai company is revolutionizing that classic design with their creation of the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball. Weighing in at a little over three pounds, this red ball gives you the simplest way to quickly douse a scary situation. Similar to dodgeball, but not requiring strong hand-eye coordination, the Fire Ball is meant to be thrown at a fire, rather than carried around and squeezed like classic fire extinguishers. The Fire Ball also acts as a fire alarm, emitting a loud noise if it detects a fire. If you mount the Fire Ball near a high-risk area such as a kitchen, it can autonomously jump into action if no one is nearby to activate it. Read more here. 

The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) forecasts that up to 600,000 drones will be used commercially within the next year. Though they have mostly gained popularity as shiny tech toys with video recording capabilities, they are now finding new meaning in New York City’s Fire Departments. Drones will soon be utilized by firefighters all across Manhattan as aides in two-alarm or greater severity fire assessment. They will allow the teams to get a better sense of the position and type of fire in real-time, which will lead to smarter and quicker response decisions. The drone is painted fire-engine red and bears the NYC Fire Department’s official logo. This piece of technology will deliver standard video and infrared images to help New York’s Bravest save lives on a daily basis. Read more here. 

A common problem with existing fire detection practices is that by the time smoke is detected, flames have already spread and caused significant damage. Emerson, an industry leader in fire detection and control, brings something new to the game by introducing a new technology, the Rosemount 975 Optical Flame Detector. This new line of flame detectors uses a wide range of technology including multi-spectrum infrared sensors which detect hydrogen and hydrocarbon fires. The detectors also incorporate ultraviolet sensors that provide extra detection in addition to detecting metal and inorganic fires. The Rosemount 975 can be applied to a variety of industries ranging from high risk to commercial. It works by detecting the absorption of light at specific wavelengths, which allows it to tell the difference between flames and false alarms. These flame detectors are built to withstand the toughest physical conditions and hook up directly to existing alarm or automatic fire extinguishing systems. This add-on technology will further protect you and your loved ones from damage caused by fires. Read more here. 

One of Omnicon’s current projects involves performing emergency monitoring and equipment status updates for many high rise buildings simultaneously. This advancement will put more control into the hands of building owners and emergency response teams to know exactly where and what kind of problem is occurring. Stay tuned for future updates on this exciting project! 

For over 20 years, The Omnicon Group has maintained partnerships with fire safety & security industry leaders. We have completed Research & Development, Software, and Prototype projects with them in the past, one of which included creating touchscreen interface command center units fully integrated with a security system and surveillance cameras. We are now involved in an exciting new effort which we hope will be the next technological innovation in this industry.

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