Our approach to innovation and engineering

We have provided engineering solutions for electronic hardware, software and systems for hundreds of customers and in dozens of industries. Our work spans from FAA-certified software to factory test equipment. With a 96% repeat customer base and over 30 years of developing engineering solutions, we have learned how to find the best innovations needed to meet the challenges of today’s highly competitive environment. We work to:

  • Maintain an appealing and upbeat work environment that encourages creative freedom
  • Hire, train and retain the brightest people who have diverse backgrounds from various industries
  • Understand importance of reliability – one of our core competencies – and its practical application to all technical developments
  • Use a team approach to analyze the technical and developmental challenges of all projects
  • Assign team leaders with the most applicable experience
  • Consult company-affiliated experts when appropriate
  • Provide recognition to individuals and teams contributing to new approaches

ISO 9001:2015 & AS91100D Certified

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100:2016. Our Scope of Certification is Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Engineering; Design & Development of Hardware and Software engineering. This certification enforces our continued commitment to providing the highest quality services and products to our customers. We are pleased to share a copy of our certificate upon request.

Bringing innovation to our customers

Using our approach to innovation, we work closely with our customers to establish an engineering plan and find a fully compliant solution to significantly reduce the time and cost of development. Our approach to innovation:

  • Discuss your needs and gain a full understanding of your challenges, assumptions, schedules and budget
  • Recommend ideas to control development time and cut development costs
  • Propose solutions to improve product reliability, repairability, and safety
  • Offer solution improvements for product manufacturability, testability, and production costs
  • Provide status and progress reports regularly
  • Ensure projects are completed successfully with customer’s best interest in mind
  • Build successful long-term relationships with customers