Across a broad range of industries, customers rely on us to deliver quality products while minimizing warranty costs and enhancing customer retention. Using their own words, we have provided a sampling of customers who have gained significant benefits from using us. Please click on a company name below to find out what they had to say about working with us. (To safeguard privacy, user job titles have been used instead of full names.)

Customer reviews

“We are confident your personal performance as an Omnicon employee in support of Boeing is a precursor to a healthy business relationship with Omnicon as a valued supplier to Boeing for continued technical services.”

M.B., Senior Manager, Product Assurance (RM&T/System Safety)

“Omnicon’s performance has exceeded my expectations; in addition to technical contributions, Omnicon has made positive contributions to schedule and process development, safety strategy development to comply with international certification standards, organization structure to improve efficiencies, as well as Fault Tree and mentoring our junior safety engineers.”

M.M., System Engineering Manager, Product Assurance (RM&T/System Safety) 
“…It has been a pleasure working with all of you…and we have appreciated your support. We’re looking forward working with you again.” 

D.D., Director of Aerospace Reliability, Maintainability and System Safety 
“Your team wasted no time…They worked diligently and enthusiastically, with the result being a project that was delivered six weeks prior to its original deadline. In addition, the work was approved the first time and our customer, the Air Force, was completely satisfied.”

H.G., Test Engineering Manager 
“When your staff joined the program, they immediately became both productive and valuable assets…The personnel you provided had significantly greater capability than we expected and were able to assume more responsibility as the program progressed…your staff’s unique and innovative approach to a particularly difficult problem resulted in a large cost savings and major schedule acceleration. I hope to expand your involvement on future programs as they emerge.”

M.J., Program Director 

“It is obvious that your people thrive on difficult challenges…Clearly, the Omnicon team’s knowledge and dedication, under extremely demanding circumstances, was a key factor in our ultimately winning the contract. In fact, we regard the proposal as one of the finest we have ever submitted to the government. Though I expressed my gratitude to your team at our victory dinner, I wanted to take this opportunity to formally offer my congratulations for a job well done by The Omnicon Group.”

R.A., General Manager 
“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have provided…over the last several years. Using your Engineering Services has allowed us to maintain a high level of quality with our limited internal staff. Your support…is much appreciated. The Parts Engineering work has set the standards for documentation, and the methods that we will continue to use in the future. Your staff provided us with a pleasant work experience and professional results…We hope to continue this relationship in the future.”

R.B., Principal Electrical Engineer 
“I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate help with G3 hardware in Rockford. Since Omnicon took over control of the G3 board config and tested our boards in Rockford, our G3 hardware has been reliable. Thanks.”

B.D., Senior Reliability Engineer 
“It is always a pleasure dealing with anyone on your team. Always a positive, can-do attitude.”
D.N., Chief Engineer, Parker Aerospace Group 

“Omnicon has worked hand in hand with (us)…as though you and your people wore Parker employee badges…(we) are very pleased with the quality of Omnicon’s work and the high level of professionalism and cooperation you exhibit…Your ability to help us resolve a difficult situation…(is) very appreciated… We consider Omnicon an industry leader in reliability, maintainability and safety engineering.”

W.K., Director, Fuel Systems, Parker Aerospace Group 

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the Omnicon resources that I am currently working with. In fact, I have never had an Omnicon resource that I was not completely satisfied with.”

M.B., Senior Principal Engineer, Parker Aerospace Group 
“Continuously, and for almost 30 years, your company has provided us with technical support in many of our endeavors. You continue to be our valued partner both in program tasking and in new business capture. Your staff works seamlessly with ours, focusing on our needs, and providing a technically superior product in your areas of expertise. Your business has expanded and your technical capability and services have grown, but your focus to detail and your commitment to our success has never wavered.”

E.P., Vice President Programs & Business Operations 
“Your staff has provided an almost seamless fit within our organization…If there is anything more important than having the necessary technical credentials and being able to work well with the client, it is …integrity that can be relied upon and respected. The client wants to feel confident that the consultant is truly acting in his behalf …acting in a manner which is totally honest in all his dealings with you. In our opinion, it is in this regard that Omnicon excels. Your integrity is without question and your client appreciates this enormously.”

E.P., Senior Vice President, Programs 
“As you know we work with a variety of external Engineering teams, yet none of them have integrated themselves as seamlessly into our landscape as the people from Omnicon. You have supported us on proposal activities all the way through design and certification. We rely on your staff to provide us with high quality technical skills in a wide variety of ways. We are appreciative of your consistent support, particularly when the schedule is working against us. It is amazing to step back and think that you have supported me in various businesses for nearly 30 years.”

S.S., Vice President and General Manager 
“The ATE software Omnicon created for the project has been running flawlessly. Thank you again for your diligence and support in developing and supporting these ATE tools. We will certainly be in touch as new ATE requirements develop.”

M.J., Manager, Active Product Test 
“Please accept our thanks for The Omnicon Group’s excellent performance and flexibility on the delivery. We were faced with an extremely accelerated delivery date and you and your team were able to adjust on short notice and execute successfully within the new timeframe.” 

“Omnicon’s consistent performance, expertise, and ability to adapt to changing requirements and timelines are recognized and appreciated by both Textron Systems and our customers.”

M.C., Speciality Engineering Lead 
“Thank you for having sent us the crème de la crème to help us with our DO-178 projects. Vinny and his team are excellent engineers with perfect work ethics. They integrated exceptionally well into the DDC Software Team and constantly delivered beyond expectations.”

H.B., Software Engineering Manager 
“In every phase of the project, your team demonstrated the ability to execute with speed, agility and with a quality mindset… There was a clear demonstration of responsiveness, communication, flexibility, ability to break down barriers impacting the project and a mindset of total customer satisfaction… The end product deliverable was very professional, thorough, clearly structured and accepted quickly by our team and end customer(s). The entire project experience working with Omnicon was exceptional!”

R.K., Project Manager 
“It’s been ~2 weeks now, and I could not be happier with Doug and the work he’s done on this project. He really got us out of a tough situation, and has earned the praise of not only the folks here, but also the folks at Boeing (and that’s not an easy thing to do…). I predict that the relationship between Hoffman and Omnicon is going to expand.”

K.W., Vice President Technology 
“…The knowledge, advice, and confidence which I gained from our personal interactions were in use throughout our … Safety Certification process, and remain in place for the future. …Thanks again for all the professional help.”

B.N., Reliability/Maintainability Engineering Manager 
“Your engineers’ knowledge of the rail industry along with sound educated reasoning have proven to be helpful beyond just the technical. The Omnicon Group also has been professional with Kawasaki’s customers and conducted themselves as a blended unit with our staff. The fluidity and cooperation between The Omnicon Group and Kawasaki staff have produced positive results.”

E. P., Senior Director Quality
“The Omnicon Group fit the bill exactly. Not only did CSC attain a thorough analysis, delivered on-schedule, that satisfied our Joint Services customers, but, at no additional cost, system availability was significantly increased…Your active participation in joint working groups and subsequent formal presentations, on behalf of CSC, resulted in sessions that were highly successful, extremely informative and beneficial, and well received by our customers…We are confident that any future tasks your organization performs will continue to be executed with the highest degree of technical excellence…I look forward to our continued association in future endeavors.”

D.M., Director of Integrated Logistics Support 
“We want to convey our thanks for the outstanding work that you and your colleagues at Omnicon deliver. We could not have done it without your help. We greatly appreciate your availability, expertise, responsiveness and willingness to travel to Berlin on several occasions. Working with you was educational and fun, and we look forward to the next opportunity.”

P.L., Vice President Research and Development 
“You have a very professional team… to provide guidance on verification and validation activities, as well as review process.”

S.K., Engineer
“… Your team displayed the usual level of professionalism and the results were precisely what was required.. We here at Ericsson have used a number of your engineering services and have been nothing less than pleased with your response to our needs….your customers value your services.” 

S.A.S., Vice President 
“Thanks to all on the on-time delivery… This was no easy task. It required hard work and attention to detail in order to achieve. Most of all, it required team work and cooperation among the entire team.”

G.E., Director 
“The meeting with our customer was a ‘Do or Die’ confrontation. The lack of opportunity to present an adequate reliability, maintainability, safety and human factors presentation caused serious concern about Morrison Knudsen’s ability to meet the contract requirements. The meetings were very influential in restoring hope in the hearts and minds of our customer. The strong presentation by Omnicon was a major element in this image improvement effort…thank you for your excellent support.”

E.T., Manager of Engineering Projects 
“…The professionals at Omnicon play no small part in our mission. Your invaluable assistance in developing software … helps us reach the widest possible audience …We’re glad you're on our team.”

C.B., Technical Director
“Omnicon provided expertise to dramatically improve…response time…and circuit design. Without the resources, commitment, team approach and cooperation of the entire Omnicon organization, this successful milestone would not have been reached.”