Supporting any and all phases of your product development

We can turn your ideas into products with complete product development solutions. We have a long history of developing products based on customer specifications. We will assist you in developing product specifications and work with you to develop the best possible product. Our team delivers high-level designs that cut costs and improve reliability and safety. We implement the best commercial practices with an emphasis on product reliability, safety, testability, and manufacturability. Our expert engineers execute every phase of the program from concept to solution.

Phases include requirements development and analysis, electronic and mechanical design, test development, design of special test equipment, and large quantity production. Your product development will be structured appropriately to meet applicable requirements and standards. Whether your product is a new piece of equipment or an update to an existing system, we assemble a specialized team of engineers, program managers, reliability and safety experts from our staff to execute each phase of the program. We are AS9100D and ISO 9001 certified and provide:

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Lessons Learned on Five Large-Scale Systems Developments

What’s Inside: This paper considers five categories lessons learned on an equal number of large-scale projects. The lessons concern project difficulties caused by thinking that’s stuck in the present, excessive faith in code re-use, failure to see the big picture, absence of independent failure analysis, and estimation processes driven by fear and ignorance. The first step for minimizing these difficulties is to recognize them. The next step, as a goal, is to encourage thinking that benefits the entire organization rather than the project.